Based in Sri Lanka

Wise International School - Sri Lanka

A Educational institution

Organization Details

Wise International School aims to ensure that students are allowed to develop at their own pace and to the very best of their abilities. We try to develop in each student the knowledge and skills to make them candidates for schools, universities and employment anywhere in the world. We also provide all students with the widest range of opportunities to build the confidence, independence and character necessary for their development into mature adults. This will be one of the best atmospheres for your child to grow in.

Impact Story

As we are not based upon a money making, profitable school, we tend to give the maximum of our strengths in order to uplift every single child of our school. We have thus obtained unimaginable achievements that no others in our field has obtained. We always tend to do the impossible. Our Staff is at their best when it comes to teaching their subjects. We consider ourselves blessed, because we have achieved so much within this span of 15 glorious years, and has surely written in gold our names, in the historious book of Education in Sri Lanka. We under the concept that " AGE DOESN'T MATTER " and we tend to give the maximum knowledge to any child, if he/she has the potential and capabilities, without considering his/her age.