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Fort Healthy Mind Initiatives

A Non-profit

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Organization Details

Fort Healthy Mind Initiatives (FHMI) is a local non-for-profit Mental Health Organization based in Fort Portal, Uganda devoted to transforming the lives of children and families struggling with mental health and behavioral related issues. FHMI was established by a team of Counseling Psychologists who are passionate about addressing mental health needs for children and their families to be able reach their full potential in Uganda. 

Impact Story

Fort Healthy Mind Initiatives works to improve the mental & behavioral health of the local population in Fort Portal in Uganda. Among other things, we visit families, schools in vulnerable situations, support them with mental & behavioral health.

Our work is towards inspiring and transforming the loves of the most marginalized communities. Instilling hope to those who have lost hope just like, Among other things, we are currently supporting a 16-year-old Tricia (made-up name), who is an orphan and takes care of her three younger siblings. We enter her, in a house that is about to fall apart, and she openly tells about her story. She says that some days are so tough that she wants to take her own life.

As an orphan girl, Tricia is very vulnerable and several men try to take advantage of her. She says that one night when she was sleeping, a man came with a knife and wanted to kill her. Tricia also says that it is difficult to get enough food for the family. The day we visited her they had not eaten anything. "Often we only eat when we get food at the centre," she explains. Furthermore, she says that it is difficult, but she starts the day with a prayer and then things go well. She finds strength in a heavenly father who cares for her and has hope for a better future. Therefore, she goes to school and is patient, while doing her best to take care of her siblings every day.

This is just one of MANY strong stories we engage with to restore hope and confidence.

We will be grateful to have some of your time with us while working in the community.

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