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Our organization is based in Bucharest, Romania and it was founded in 2016. Our aim is to raise awareness on topics related to the environment, to encourage a healthier lifestyle and to advocate for sustainable development.

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Impact Story

In only one year after its launch, our NGO managed to organize multiple events and campaigns on topics such as ecological mobility and its benefits to the environment, sustainable arhitechture or non-financial reporting as a sustainable development strategy for companies.

One of our recent campaign, implemented in partnership with Idea Events and the Romanian Association for Sustainable Mobility (Renovatio, TMC Electric Mobility, Badsi Nissan) aimed to inform, educate and raise awareness on the benefits of electric mobility, particularly in terms of reduction of polluting gases and protecting the environment. Over the course of two months, we organized a series of debates in school and office parks in Bucharest, that agreed to be part of our project and to join us in this challenge: International British School of Bucharest, Lauder Reut Educational Complex, Green Gate, West Gate, UpGround BOC Tower. The ones attending the event participated to special sessions of debates on the topic of electric mobility and how it can contribute to a healthier air, less noise and an overall improvement of the urban environment and received, as a sign of gratitude for their involvement, the title of e-Mobility Ambassador. In each of the locations we also organized outdoor cars and electric stations expos.

As far as the impact of our actions is concerned, the numbers are relevant: 5 partner locations, countless hours of debates, hundreds of participants and a series of initiatives (two of the office parks visited announced the fact that they will install electric charging stations and purchase 2 electric cars for their fleets).

We believe that these types of actions are beneficial for our society, since they can determine a shift of perspective and even a change in behaviour. Therefore, we would like to continue them in the following year, this time at national level and with a larger number of institutions and companies involved.