Based in Swaziland

Tsandza Weaving

A For-profit

Organization Details

Tsandza Weaving is a social enterprise whose aim is to assist and make a difference in the lives of rural Swazi women and their families by providing the training and income to hand weave beautiful, fashion and home décor products, and, to provide consumers with high quality products, ethically produced with minimal effect on our environment.

First established in 1979, the business underwent a change of ownership in 2013 and has since experienced extensive capacity building, systems implementations and product development. A thriving business, with a team of around 7 operational staff and 50 Artisans, our products are sold locally, regionally and internationally.

Support Needs

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Impact Story

Our Artisans are provided with funded training and a working environment that ensures their own personal growth and wellbeing. With free education only being introduced gradually since 2011 in Swaziland, many of our Artisans do not have a formal education. Not only does this opportunity to learn a skill  and earn an income enhance the self esteem of each of our Artisans, it increases their independence and gives them a greater chance of having a voice within their families and communities.

In October 2016, we were super excited to fulfil a dream of moving onto our own land with a stunning view onto the Usutu River, and into a new 700sq metre weaving studio and training centre, who’s build, led by co-owner and Director Niels Jessen, was built sustainably with a combination of local natural resources such as adobe, and utilising alternative energy sources such as solar.