Based in Zambia

New Hope Waves

A Non-profit

Organization Details

We are a local non-profit organization based in Livingstone, Zambia, which was initiated to create hope and the future in the lives of young people and their families around the communities in Zambia

 Vision: New Hope and the Future for young people in Zambia 

The Mission Statement: Empowering children and their families with livelihood skills, knowledge, educational and talent enhancement opportunities of young people through improving their living conditions for a hopeful future








Support Needs

We’re looking for:

CrowdfundingOperationsProgram ManagementSocial SciencesTeaching

Impact Story

The NGO is a harbor of children, young people and their wider families activities that are aimed at improving the education and a safe environment during some community programs that will create a defined future for the community of children to an informed and productive society geared to break the cycles of poverty, disease and social challenges