Based in Peru


A For-profit with social mission

Organization Details

CASA AMAZONAS is a boutique Hotel for those who would like to escape their daily routine, awaken their soul, free their mind and connect with nature.

​Here the mind, body and soul of all our guests embrace a personal transformation with  an awareness of  nature.The beauty of CASA AMAZONAS lies in its tradition and seamless integration with the natural elements. 

​The Hotel has been designed with awareness of natural resource management, reusing materials from managed forests. 

Impact Story

In the last 35 years more than 95 thousand hectares of forest have been deforested from Madre de Dios Region.Madre de Dios, is the most degraded region in the Amazon rainforest.

​The Madre de Dios region comprises the sector with the biggest degradation caused by the informal extraction of gold from the entire Amazon rainforest. In addition to this negative impact on the environment, these illegal practices exploit children (especially girls).

Our Hotel is also in charge of preserving and protecting 94 Hectares of the Peruvian Amazon.

​​We are also founders of the environmental education and development project "Children Bamboo Rainforet".It is a project that seeks to work with bamboo as an innovative resource for the conservation of the Amazon rainforest where it involves children and adolescents in this process. The Children Bamboo Rainforest will be a healthy and safe space to promote knowledge and conservation of bamboo and its natural environment and ecosystem (flora and fauna).

Casa Amazonas not only provides job opportunities for members of its neighbouring towns : it also seeks to be a partner in the Made de Dios region’s development, setting it on a more sustainable path for the future.