Based in Rwanda

Health Alert Organization(HAO)

A Non-profit

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Organization Details

We are National Non-governmental Organization based in Rwanda with registration Number 344/NGO/RGB/LP/08/2018 in RGB. Founded Since October 2016, unifying the efforts  health professionals to raise awareness and advocate for Prevention and Control of Chronic Conditions risk factors, Mental health in Prison, Nutrition in under five children and  Albinism healthcare program.

HAO description consists of General Assembly,  Board of Directors and Executive Management  Team cosists of Executive director, Programs Manager, Human Resource & Procurement Manager, Director of Finance & Administration, LegaL officer, Communication, IT and Marketing Manager with other line field staffs and Volunteers.


Impact Story

Health Alert Organization (HAO) since 2016, exists to create Positive impact in the community by raise awareness and advocate for prevention and control of Chronic conditions risk factor( (Diabetes, Blood Pressure,obesity, Blood Cholesterol and  Hipatitis B&C), Nutrition, Mental health and Albinism health care by providing appropriate healthcare for durable access to community healthcare Clinics by Vulnerable Populations, allows over 1,367,127 general Population access to chronic Diseases early screening services, 1562 People with Albinism access to dermatology and Ophthalmology services including Mental health services to reduce stigma and descrimination, and Nutrion in underfive Children reached 35,678 Children, as well as mental health care in 4 prisons for inmates access to Mental disorder services.

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