Based in Kenya

United Safe Environment Creators (USEC)

A Non-profit

Organization Details

United Safe Environment Creators is a nonprofit making community based organization founded on November 2013 and got registered on October 2016 with registration number SCSDO/TRKW/CBO/BO-201 working in Kakuma refugee camp, in Turkana county, northern Kenya. The organization is made up of a team of compassionate youth refugees who aspire to save lives of adolescent, young girls, youth and vulnerable women by educating, advocate for, support and promote social and economic welfare so as they may regain hope, rely on themselves, fulfill their potential and contribute back to their communities.

Impact Story


Our vision is to have an enabling environment where people can take control, solve their problems, rely on themselves and build prosperous communities.


Mission Statement is to educate and empower people with skills and resources needed for their wellbeing.


To build life skills base for individuals especially youth and women in order to enable them to handle life challenges.

To empower youth and vulnerable women with income generating activities to enable them to access basic needs for their lives and families

To create safe and supportive environment for addressing sexual and reproductive health issues for young people

To increase access to sexual and reproductive health education and services among young girls

To increase agricultural production by helping farmers to develop their own farm model using permaculture ethics and principles