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Education in Vietnam has a very important role in society as is typical in other East Asian sectors. Educational attainment is seen as the key factor in social mobility with parents and the state devoting much resource to education of the youth of Vietnam. However, the education system is too theoretical and places not enough attention on skills development. The government has recognised that despite the high level of coverage and consistently high levels of achievement in global attainment rankings, access to high quality education by ethnic minority groups and poor/rural households remains low.

Impact Story

The supplementary sector through private tutoring is a well-established method of giving students the extra tools needed to navigate the national curriculum. The online portion of this market is ever growing and becomes more competitive as Vietnam increases its internet proliferation and capability. The online sector can address the gaps in access to high quality education, as it is flexible to student’s needs and generally cheaper to the student. However online education providers should carefully consider the extensive marketing that is often required and whether the typical formats of online video lectures take away from the benefits of traditional interaction between student and teacher.