Based in India

Kiwi Kisan WIndow & Evolve Foundation

A For-profit with social mission

How This Works

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Organization Details

Kiwi Kisan Winow is the largest aggregator of helath and wellness food from the point of origin to be sold under a single brand globally. Kiwi is a window of opportunity for farmers to sell their product on fair trade and is also a window of opportunity for the end cosumer to have the access to premium quality healthy food at affordable prices. 

Kiwi is also on boarding SAP B1 as an ERP for the full process and SAP CCO for its Retail POS. We are doing a deep tie up with SAP to give a revolution to the arigultural society with the help of technology of SAP. 

Evolve Foundations aims to create smart sustainable villages, to achieve its vision it has created cottage industry of plantable stationery in villages, it promotes local art and culture by painting the walls of the villages and making the village a rural eco tourism site. At Evolve we also do drum circles to promote self expression and a discrimination free society by our community activies through drum circle. 

Impact Story

Under Kiwi Kisan Window we procure the agri produce from more than 10,000 Indian Farmers, We take the products on fair trade and we also provide credit facilities and technical training for new farming practises. At Kiwi we also positively impact the health of our consumer by providing them with the high nutrition food products at affordable prices and the correct way to consumption. 

Evolve Foudnation has adopted a himalayan village of 250 people and given then higher income, better education and basic health care facility. Planatable Stationery manufactured at Evolve Villages also is a great impact creator as one can plantable the product after consumtion. ( . Rural Eco Tourism is also creating to the tunes to reverse migeration into the ghost villages of uttarakhand.