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Global Girlhood

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How This Works

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Organization Details

GGH revolutionizes representation in media, education, and leadership. Our primarily Gen Z, women-led community inspires storytelling, fosters intercultural dialogue, and represents the heights women and gender-expansive people soar. GGH Journalists gather stories of women and gender-expansive people in their own geographical or identity-based communities (J Stories). GGH Connectivity Contributors then react across communities through any artistic medium (CC Reactions). We publish the J stories and CC reactions on our website and social platforms. We partner and coalition-build to foster representative discourse and solidarity, we equip youth with skills during editorial workshops, we build a global community on and offline (in-non COVID-19 times), we tie disciplines and identities in educational content, and we initiate campaigns and projects around topics like sexuality, mental health, and decolonization that uplift underrepresented voices. 

Impact Story

Social media exacerbates myriad cultural, social, and geographical biases, stifling intercultural dialogue. Women and gender-expansive people must fight for representation, yet they lack tools and resources to do so. Global Girlhood (GGH) defies this by amplifying stories of everyday women and gender-expansive people globally, thus increasing representation and challenging biased narratives. Our founder, Pranjal Jain, developed GGH’s model by drawing on her own experiences as a former undocumented immigrant, first-generation student, woman, and Indian-American: “growing up, [she] would always look for women and gender diverse people who shared the same skin color, background, or culture as [her], were unapologetic and powerful, and were accessible to [her].”

Global Girlhood enables this by connecting women and gender-expansive people globally. Our leadership team of 5 verticals itself comprises 14+ young women and gender-expansive people based in 4 countries. Our monthly editorial meetings and “chill-ins” uplift experiences of 35+ Journalists across 30 cities and 45+ Connectivity Contributors (CC) in over 40 cities, and they bring voices from the 65 stories and reactions they’ve gathered that represent women and gender-expansive people across ages 15 to 73. We challenge U.S.-centric discourse with intercultural and intergenerational dialogue—when brainstorming, conducting workshops, or discussing social issues. We extend these conversations too: we produce intersectional educational content like Pride and BLM, a post that amassed over 75,000 likes and 65,000 shares on Instagram, we initiate campaigns—like one that challenged straight, cis, thin, white narratives around birth control—and we’ve worked with several organizations to address mental health, homophobia, racism, and more. Our social media work has so far empowered GGH’s 9000+ followers, but as the world opens, we intend to take projects to our in-person communities too.