Based in Mexico

GES Mujer

A Non-profit

Organization Details

Founded in 1977, our nonprofit aims to contribute to the transformation of Oaxacan society into a fairer and more equitable one that respects the rights of women by working with people, government institutions, academics, associations, societies, private initiatives, media, foundations, and related organizations. Through our programming, we're able to provide a number of services to women in our community including:

  • A women's home that offers psychological and legal counseling
  • A department that responds to the main problems of girls and women as well as gender based equity and respect for cultural diversity through intervention projects
  • A space where projects and activities are developed by young women and aimed at young people in their communities. Priority topics are: searching for gender equity, sexual and reproductive health and rights, and violence prevention in courtship

Impact Story

We work to bring about gender equality within our community through a variety of channels.