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Environmental Protection and Development Association (EPDA)

A Non-profit

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Organization Details

Environmental Protection and Development Association (EPDA) works in Cameroon’s most hard to access places to reach the most vulnerable communities and to protect the environment and its resources, everywhere. We support safe water and sanitation, quality environmental education and management of natural resources, and promote strong agricultural and food security initiatives. We embark seriously on research and development to stay relevant at all times.

EPDA is non-political and impartial. We are never neutral to critical issues. Some of our activities include:

·      Providing and improving safe drinking water, safe sanitation and good hygiene practices to vulnerable communities

·      Promoting climate-positive agricultural practices, livelihoods and food security.

·      Promoting climate change mitigation and adaptation and improving quality environmental education, biodiversity conservation, sustainable management of natural resources

·      Conducting basic research and development

Impact Story

Community Water Supply: We have constructed and provided small water supply schemes to over 10 communities which are currently managing by themselves
We have successfully protected five water catchments through planting of water friendly trees,
We have trained and supported more than 20 farmer households with farm inputs and farm support capital since 2015. 
We have supported over 40,000 internally displaced persons with WASH kits and food aid in over 30 communities. We have constructed over 100 blovcks of latrines in conflict affected communities to reduce open defecation and have trained toilet management committees to ensure sustainability. we have engaged over 30 communities in the celebration of World Water Day, World Environment Day, World Wetlands Day, World Drought Day, World Ozone Layer Day, World Toilet Day, World Handwashing day to promote access and to raise wawareness. We have engaged in community climate change dialogues and have promoted tree planting activities.

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