Based in Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone School Green Clubs (SLSGC)

A Non-profit

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Organization Details

The Sierra Leone School Green Clubs as a community-based organization is engaged in the following activities: Agriculture involving local communities in Rural Western District of Sierra Leone, teaching local farmers on environmental friendly practices, village savings schemes to help boost local farmers’ income. We work with schools, colleges, and communities in addressing climate change through training, sensitization, awareness raising. We have established school garden in ten schools in the western rural areas and waste management system, we also plant trees in deforested areas of the western area and planting economic trees in schools. We engage political leaders on issues of climate change and lobby legislations on climate change and global warming.

Impact Story

Sierra Leone School Green Club (SLSGC) is an indigenous Community Based Organization (CBO) which was established in 2015. The organization has been engaged in climate change sensitization and mitigation strategy across Sierra Leone. The organization began as the challenges of climate change hits local communities in Sierra Leone. Sierra Leone is one of the poorest countries in the world and climate change is having a drastic impact on the livelihood of the already underprivileged communities.

Sierra Leone School Green Club has been successful in achieving grassroots participation in Climate Change resilience strategies. It has also succeeded in influencing public opinion about climate change in communities.

Our audience includes educational institutions, local government structures and non-governmental organizations and local communities that are directly or indirectly been affected by climate change.

We hope to have a common agenda in the fight against climate change and make the world or our communities sustainable in the utilization of our natural resources in an environmental friendly way so that development can reach the least man in society.