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One Lebanon DBA Box for Health

A Non-profit

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Organization Details

We introduce proven practices in education and provide the tools needed to foster in-school health curricula that empower our children to be healthy. Box for Health was founded with the ambitious task of transforming Health Education and Hygiene practices in low-middle income nations using eco-friendly and sustainable methods. We provide you with an aesthetic, eco-friendly repertoire with 100% of proceeds going to the non-profit cause of health equity in children. Please view our selection below!

Impact Story

Education is the cornerstone of health. We aim to educate our children on a variety of topics. Our curriculum includes oral and general hygiene, oral and systemic health, the negatives of smoking, the importance of a healthy diet, and many other topics.

We, at Box for Health, believe that a single action can make a difference and through that collaborative enterprise, we can impact the world. Through education and outreach, our team works tirelessly to improve the health and wellness of children worldwide.