Based in Nigeria

Ceneco Green Power Limited

A For-profit with social mission

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Organization Details

Ceneco Green Power Limited, formerly Econergco West Africa Limited was incorporated in Nigeria out of passion to eradicate energy poverty and eliminate carbon intensive power generation in Nigeria. The clean energy company provides provides reliable and cost-effective renewable energy and energy efficiency solutions. Some of our services include solar plus storage together with an efficient lighting system; off-grid, on-grid and hybrid solar power systems and solar energy solution for agricultural practices. Our solutions are not just innovative, but eco-friendly with huge cost savings and great return on investments.


Impact Story

The majority of families in sub-Saharan Africa depends on rain-fed farming for their livelihoods and food production, but climate change has made the practice unsustainable. Rainfall has become more erratic, and drier spells within the rain season have become normal. This threatens food production and further pushes the smallholder farmers into poverty since they are less able to make adequate farming decisions along with having a low adaptive capacity. Our solar energy solution for resilient and productive farming provides reliable and cost-effective irrigation system and power for crop processing in communities in Nigeria where access to power is not available. The Solar Irrigation system enables farmers to farm year round, earn more income and be adapted against the catastrophic effects of climate change.

We are doing this through our standalone solar irrigation system and MoPumps integrated with drip and or rain pipe irrigation system. MoPumps is a patented innovative solution to provide agricultural irrigation and energy access called MoPumps. MoPumps is an electric tricycle fitted with solar panels, hybrid inverter, power electronics, battery storage and centrifugal water pump that supply 1200 litres of water per minute for irrigation either from the surface water or shallow well. The electric tricycle charges itself once it is set up on the farm for irrigation or energy access activities, and moved to the next farm of activities for either irrigation or food production as the case may be.