Based in India

Animedh Charitable Trust

A Non-profit

Organization Details

We are a non-profit organization based in Mumbai, India. Our goal is to provide financial support and social services to vulnerable women and children at an individual, community, and national levels. There is a huge void in both these areas in a big country like ours with a 1.2 Billion population, almost 30% of which is poor (Population below the poverty line in India live on 1.25$ a day - Census report 2011).

Through our programming, we: 

  • empower less privileged women in order to transform their lives. ACT works on projects to impart life skills, provide vocational training, and facilitate earning opportunities.
  • promote basic and higher education for underprivileged children, especially the girl-child.

Impact Story

Our vocational training programs upskill women in tailoring, garment construction, beautician, and catering to become self-sustaining income earners. 

At the time of writing, we've supported:

  • 1655 women in skills training courses
  • 912 in personal development
  • 650 career launch kits