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Lorna Young Foundation

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Organization Details

International charity supporting smallholders to engage more fairly in an unfair trading system, In the UK we work to set up ethical enterprise programmes amongst marginalised communities. 

Impact Story

We are the only charity in the UK working to support desperately poor producers in developing countries to engage more fairly within a world of unfair trading. We do this in a number of ways, but most recently via our 'Farmers' Voice Radio' programme where each community creates it's own radio content, designed to help them overcome various problems such as trade imbalance, crop production and combatting climate change.

We are also the only charity in the UK that has set up an Ethical Enterprise programme that works to help marginalised groups to create their own social enterprises. The programme has been in operation for a decade now and we are now working to give all of our resources and learning away for free. We have received support and endorsements from the UK's leading fair trade pioneers and are committed to keeping ourselves 'lean and mean' as one of the country's leading, most visionary charities. 

Diverse Social Enterprise

The TRANSFORM Support Hub is committed to accelerating diverse owned and led enterprises to build more equitable and resilient supply chains.

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