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Supply Hope

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Supply Hope is a non-profit organization focused on creating opportunities for families living in poverty to earn a reliable income through micro-franchises. Supply Hope trains and equips families living in poverty in Nicaragua to operate micro-franchises that will provide them with a livelihood. Plans include expansion throughout Latin America. When addressing poverty, we recognize the need for sustainable solutions that build capacity and empower people to improve their lives and futures. Our desire is to see children’s needs met by their own families, ending dependency and providing hope and dignity.

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Impact Story

We currently have 98 micro-franchises in operation in Managua, Nicaragua. We are raising incomes from less than $2/day to an average of $4.75/day and seeing how that allows parents to make improvements to their homes, provide more consistent nutrition to their children, and be more present in their children's lives. While we do not discriminate against men operators, right now, we have all female store operators. Women do not have good job opportunities in Nicaragua, leaving them dependent on men who often abuse them and their children. We are helping women gain dignity and independence by becoming store operators and helping them to work their way out poverty. We also provide counseling services, budgeting help, and health services to our operator and their families, because we know that poverty is a lot more than just a lack of money.