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Ripples Foundation USA investing in the Economic and social prosperity of the African village woman,  and disadvantaged women in the US with the goal of improving their quality of life and investing in their future. Our ultimate goal is to create prosperity for working African village women by giving them micro-finance and/or inputs, and helping them set up their own sustainable businesses, save and invest in their own futures. 

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Ripples Foundation was founded in 2005, we invest in the Economic and Social empowerment of the African village woman, our goal of improving their quality of life and investing in her future. We believe that when a woman is handed the right tools, she can become an economic force, benefitting herself, her family and her community. Besides, when a community is empowered it will create a ripples effect on the whole region. By offering African women a hands-up through skill training and providing the necessary tools, they can support their families. In this way we ensure that their children can have a better start in life, creating a ripple effect across communities and a brighter future for Africa.

We work with women and youths in Ghana, Cameroon and Nigeria, and recently Madagascar through a number of programmes designed to improve women's economic security and medical well-being. Since we started our operations in Africa in 2011, over 8,300 women led families have benefitted from our programmes, including our Enterprise programme where women benefit from micro-finance and/or inputs that give them a ‘Hand-up’ instead of a ‘Hand-out’, to help them to set up their own sustainable businesses, offering Medical support and training to help them work their way out of poverty.