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TakaTaka Solutions

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Organization Details

Urban Kenya is faced by a waste management problem. In Nairobi, 2.5 out 3.5 million people cannot afford waste collection services. Farmers in rural areas are faced by declining soil fertility, which negatively affects their productivity and income. TakaTaka Solutions is a Nairobi-based social enterprise that provides end-to-end waste management services. By recycling and composting 95% of waste, TakaTaka Solutions is able to provide affordable waste management services to all income areas while at the same time providing farmers with high quality compost (organic fertilizer) that increases soil fertility.

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Impact Story

TakaTaka Solutions offers an innovative socially-driven business approach it aims to bring about socio-economic and environmental change:

-       Affordable waste collection services to all income areas

-       Recycling and composting of 90% of collected waste

-       Provision of high quality compost (organic fertilizer) that restores soil fertility by increasing soil organic matter

-       Formal job creation for youths from lower income areas

-       A cleaner and healthier environment

-       Provision of high quality waste-to-value products