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Smart Hydro Power GmbH

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Smart Hydro Power has developed innovative products for rural electrification which are packaged with all components needed to enable smart projects in the most remote places. Our two proprietary products are a kinetic hydroturbine which works without daming with the flow of the rivers or canals only and an intelligent (SMART) distribution system which reduces need for batteries and controls loads.

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Impact Story

Smart Hydro Power runs projects in the most remote places. We are always keen to integrate productive use as this is really changing people's abilitiy to make their own living. In India we have installed a rice mill for a village 20 km from any existing infrastructure. Now villagers and neighbours can process their main agricultural product in town, they safe money and time and are able to commercialize a processed product at higher margin. The village as such gets electricity by the same plants benefiting from the new job opportunity and from renewable energy replacing odd kerosene lamps.