Based in Uganda

Ndibwami Integrated Rescue Project

A Non-profit

Organization Details

We are a  grassroot relief, development, advocacy organisation providing support and care vulnerable people challenged by lack of education, HIV/AIDS and psychosocio-economic obstacles. The organization was initiated in 2003 and registered as a community based organization at the district community development department in 2008. 


Self-sustainable communities with life skills for a better future in Uganda.


To empower communities in (Greater) Masaka to achieve a holistic and sustainable development in their response to the challenges brought by lack of education, HIV/Aids and psycho- socio-economic obstacles.

Support Needs

We’re looking for:

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Impact Story


1.  Enable children to attend and stay in school through our sponsorship program, along with helping their main care taker to effectively develop their income generating activity and cooperating with local educational institutions to improve their infrastructure.
2.  Advise small holder farmers on how to increase their household income through value chain improvement.
3. Assist the leaders of households with a low and unstable income to develop self-reliant income generating activities.
4. Provide free and professional psychosocial support to the members of our communities and educational institutes through psychological & physical health counseling, as well as life skills teaching.
5. Boost our organizational development to ensure our transparent and reliable commitment to all stakeholders regarding our planning, our activities, their impact and finance reports.

How do we think this change can be realized?
We believe that communities affected with HIV know best what services they need and what changes are required to transform their lives and those of their families. We believe that stigma and discrimination are among the greatest barriers to change and that there are wider factors in society influencing the spread of HIV, such as unequal gender relations.