Based in Kenya

Ka-Atieno Youth Organization

A Non-profit

Organization Details

Ka-Atieno Youth Organization was founded by young people to promote infor-mation and knowledge sharing among youth and the community. We provide networking opportunities and support services on sexual and reproductive health and rights issues (SRHR). We advocate for youth-friendly services and policies that address the various SRHR challenges that are encountered in the district. One of our main aims is to foster among the youth a sharp sense of personal responsibility for maintaining good sexual and reproductive health status, and educating this group about their sexual and reproductive rights.

Impact Story

We are currently implementing projects to empower HIV positive young mothers through tailoring training and youth clubs. Within the youth groups, teenagers are given the chance to voice their opinions, talk about sexuality, the impact of unsafe abortion, and engage in dialogues on gender and various other topics.
1. Promoting Gender and Education– Improving access to, and quality educa-tion for girls’ project; motivating women and girls to become assertive and able to negotiate safe sex practices and refrain from entering into marriage vows early. The project increased access to relevant and adequate information for 600 young people on behaviour change, leadership and Life skills.
2. Our organization also focuses on health, working closely with four support groups comprised of 245 people living with HIV and AIDS, encouraging the destigmatization of these illnesses. We have provided these groups with sustainable food sources and transportation in the form of bicycles, which can double as bicycle taxis, thereby providing a source of income for the group.