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Created in 2003, SKIP is a non-profit organisation helping economically-disadvantaged children in El Porvenir realise their right to an education. We are currently working on the north coast of Peru, in the impoverished districts that surround the city of Trujillo.

Our team is comprised of volunteers from the community of El Porvenir and Trujillo as well as volunteers from overseas.

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We are a UK, US and Peruvian registered charity working in the impoverished districts of El Porvenir and Alto Trujillo, located on the North Coast of Peru. Our primary aim is to enable children living in this area to realize their right to an education. In terms of theoretical framework, we understand that families are the principal force in the lives of children and therefore work with the entire familial unit. This holistic approach focuses on four pillars of family development: education, economically stable families, emotional well-being, and healthy and safe home environments. We believe that economically-disadvantaged families have the capacity to be the principal agents of change in their own lives and communities. As such, our organisation works in partnership with the community to empower people to make sustainable changes.