Based in India

Sensistan - Technology and Arts Mazeum

A Non-profit

Organization Details

Sensistan is an interactive multi-sensory space near Vagator in North Goa that creates immersive experiences through tech-enabled installations. It will be India's first experiential playground for adults and children. 

The mazeum will be complemented with a lab, workshops & talks (STEAM), a niche tech product fair, related events & performances and a gastronomy focused on taste hacking.

We are currently setting up the space creating magic to be ready for our opening in November 2019. 

Join us, help building this amazing space and experience. 

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Impact Story

We would like to bring this new art form to India as it allows to opening up people's perspectives. Under the umbrella theme of Magical Realism, we aim to inspire people, spark their curiosity and imagination. There is lots of pressure on both, adults and children, in India, to stay ahead in the societal pressure and littel time is given to think differently. Yet, it is often a change of perspective, that brings people a head or out of a situation they are stuck in. 

Besides the physical expereince in the space, Sensistan provides a platform for tech.artists in India to collaborate and work with International artists, engineers and more; an exposure to young Indians to explore and learn as well as to see as alternative careers.

Sensistan also fosters learning and understanding of the provided installations and offers programmes for Indian children, pupils and students to explore in an age-adapted way.

Children from low-income house holds receive a stipend, as do other people who cannot afford the entrance, to ensure we make Sensistan available for all. 

Finally, Sensistan was born out of the NGO Cyrcus Collective, which remains Sensistan's humanitarian arm. The Cyrcus Collective stimulates a creative and behavioral skills to provide inspiration and relief to under-privileged children and youth in crisis. We prototyped this approach for low-threshold psycho-social support across Asia in cooperation with child-focused NGOs on the ground, in Cambodia, Indonesia and Bangladesh, including the Rohingya settlements at the border to Myanmar.

We are set up as a Foundation (section 8 company in India) for running the arts and education programmes. We are also registered as a Pvt. Ltd for running the Cafe and Events.