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Kaaba Microfinance Institution (K-MFI)

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 Kaaba Microfinance Institution (K-MFI) is a financial service provider that strengthens the economic base of the low-income groups in Somaliland by creating self-employment opportunities for people living in poverty to realize their potential. Since 1999, K-MFI has been operating as a microfinance project under its parent foundation called Doses of Hope Foundation (DHF). In partnership with Oxfam Novib, DHF has transformed its microfinance project into an independent microfinance institution known as Kaaba Microfinance institution (K-MF). The transformation process started with a seed capital of  € 375,000 from Oxfam Novib. It culminated in the legal existence of K-MFI as a separate organization with its registration, management, and structure in 2009 though it is still under the umbrella of DHF.

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Impact Story

Impact story 

K-MFI‟s contribution to women’s ability to earn an income has sparked the potential to initiate a series of „virtuous spirals‟ of economic empowerment. According to K-MFI's women clients, channeling credit to households through women increases investment in the family welfare and decreases their own and their household's vulnerability. The positive effect on women’s confidence, the formation of support networks, and market access has enabled K-MFI‟s women, clients, to play a more active role in intrahousehold decision-making has helped them to invest in their families‟ welfare, through increasing expenditure on their children’s nutrition and education. This in turn has strengthened their ability to challenge and try to change gender inequalities in their households. 


1. K-MFI acts as a catalyst, creating job opportunities for people living in poverty to realize their potential. The institution works to find practical, innovative ways to enable its targeted groups to lift themselves out of poverty. We believe that the power of their will, persistence, and resilience is the ultimate tool to fight injustice and inequality.

2. As a social change organization, K-MFI addresses systemic root causes of social inequalities to alleviate those inequalities, the underlying conditions, and the circumstances that bring them about.

3. K-MFIs measure of success is pegged on the success of the businesses it serves. No growth in the clients‟ businesses are taken by K-MFI management to mean that its products/services are not effective. Thus, the MFI‟s vision, which is to see financial independence, empowerment, and integration of K-MFIs targeted groups into the active society, is not being attained.

4. Vision: K-MFI's vision is to see financial independence, empowerment, and integration of the less fortunate and vulnerable groups in Somaliland into the active society in a dignified way.