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Organization Details

KONFYAM is an SARL company based in Burkina Faso, specializing in the production, processing and distribution of high quality food products. Our commitment to excellence and authenticity is reflected in our range of products, including natural forest honey, elegantly presented in 20 gram sticks under the LINO brand. With our expertise and rigorous standards, we have established our reputation as a reliable and respected supplier in the market. At KONFYAM, we value local resources, support sustainable development and are proud to share the authentic taste of Burkina Faso with the world.

Impact Story

KONFYAM exists to promote the richness of Burkina Faso's culinary heritage by providing high-quality, natural, and authentic food products. The company is committed to supporting sustainable development by responsibly valuing local resources. Introducing innovations such as the practical packaging of LINO honey, KONFYAM demonstrates its willingness to innovate in food production, distribution, and consumption.

The positive impact of KONFYAM is evident on multiple levels. Firstly, the company contributes to the creation of local employment, fostering economic development in the region. By exporting its products to various countries, KONFYAM promotes Burkinabé cuisine globally, enhancing the reputation of local gastronomy.

Educating consumers about the health benefits of honey as a natural remedy reflects KONFYAM's commitment to the well-being of its customers. The training of sellers in Hajjar Group's pastry shops also illustrates the company's determination to maximize the success of its products in the market.

By emphasizing sustainable farming practices and cold honey harvesting, KONFYAM also supports environmental initiatives. Receiving export awards attests to the company's success on the international stage, further strengthening its overall positive impact.

In summary, KONFYAM positions itself as a company dedicated to promoting local culinary culture, providing quality products, supporting sustainable development, innovating in the food sector, creating jobs, educating about the benefits of honey, expanding internationally, training market players, contributing to health, and gaining recognition for its achievements. All these aspects contribute to a significant positive impact.