Based in Bulgaria

The Collective Foundation

A Non-profit

How This Works

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Organization Details

The Collective Foundation brings together different stakeholders – public authorities, educational and cultural institutions, civic organisations, citizens, artists, and the private sector – in shared initiatives for the urban environment.

We use placemaking and participatory design to build community around urban issues related to sustainability and inclusion. We create temporary interventions that catalyse long-term change.

Impact Story

Today in many areas in Eastern Europe, there is lack of civic engagement or trust in local institutions. People do not believe they have a voice or could change anything. Accordingly, deep-seated issues like corruption and a low-quality public environment continue, as we face new challenges like climate change. We interrupt this status quo by involving communities in new forms of participation. We design and build change together, getting both citizens and institutions on our side. We show that our shared spaces can instantly transform for the better with placemaking strategies, so long as we work together. Our popular placemaking activations involve dozens of people from different backgrounds in collaborative design workshops, draw in tens of thousands of visitors, and in 2022 reached a combined 1 million people via social networks and the media. We use this reach and momentum to campaign for long-term urban change, affecting local policy.

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