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Kadiwaku Family Foundation

A Non-profit

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Organization Details

Kadiwaku Family Foundation is a nonprofit that aims at empowering PWDs and other marginalized groups to achieve economic self-sufficiency in Africa through business development services. KFF implements an inclusive entrepreneurship program that supports self-employment among disadvantaged youth, especially individuals with disabilities. 


  1. Entrepreneurship Training and workshop to build capacity and entrepreneurial capabilities, and provide tools and information needed to start and manage a business;
  2. Free spaces for co-working with internet access and networking opportunities for girls and women with disabilities and others in the disability community who want to go on to develop their startup idea and bring it to market;
  3. Networking and skill-building conferences to help disabled entrepreneurs connect each other, receive first-hand business empowerment information from business experts;
  4. Help disabled entrepreneurs obtain required documents for loans and connect them with Microfinance

Support Needs

We’re looking to improve our fundraising strategy with:

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Impact Story

The Kadiwaku Family Foundation (KFF) is dedicated to eradicating poverty for persons with disabilities and advocating for their rights by providing training and creating accessible business opportunities. KFF aims to create an environment free of negative attitudes about the abilities of disabled people, where all people with and without disabilities have the same opportunity.

Our Impact:

  • 7,800 users in co-working spaces (2018)
  • 957 membership subscriptions (2018)
  • 520+ conferences and networking event attendees (2018)
  • 650+ entrepreneurship training program graduates (2018)