Based in Switzerland

The Global Peace Dividend Initiative

A Non-profit

Organization Details

The Global Peace Dividend Initiative is a nonprofit organization with the goal to redirect the world military spending towards climate, health, and prosperity.

Impact Story

A simple proposal to humankind

Reduce military spending by 2%/year in all countries.

In 2020—when 100 million people were pushed into poverty by the COVID pandemic and 100 million more were affected by floods, storms and other climate-related disasters—world military spending rose to 2 trillion USD. This is a 2.6% more than in 2019 and twice higher than in 2000. These massive investments in weapons are a colossal waste.

Save over $1 trillion by 2030 to address planetary emergencies.

If all countries reduce their military spending by 2%/year starting in 2025, a "global peace dividend" of 1.3 trillion USD will be liberated by 2030, at no cost to any nation. These are immense resources, comparable to planned investments in renewable energy globally during this period. 

Cooperate to end the arms race.

Nations increase military spending simply because others are doing it as well. To get out of this vicious circle, the only path is through international negotiations. Past arms reduction treaties, e.g. between the USA and USSR, demonstrate that cooperation is possible—even between adversaries.