Based in Ghana

Akwaaba Volunteers

A Non-profit

Organization Details

Akwaaba Volunteers offers international volunteering opportunites in Health, education, sports and working with animals in Ghana. Our aim is to make a long term positive impact on the lives of the people we are working with. We want to brighten the future of the next generation, alleviate poverty and create better opportunities for underprivileged children and disadvantaged communiteis through our meaningful projects.

Impact Story

Akwaaba Volunteers was founded in 2015 by Jordan Palmer and King Boateng. Our projects are based in Labadi, a suburb of Ghana’s capital city. We work closely with our community and work in areas based on the needs of the community. Through our projects we aim to empower, develop and create sustainable futures to alleviate poverty and change lives.

3.5 million children in Ghana live in poverty and over one third of those live in extreme poverty.

There are 61492 children living on the streets of Accra. Girls under the age of 10 represent 59% of this total number.

Children in Ghana are 40% more likely to live in poverty than adults.

One quarter of students in Ghana never complete primary school. 65% of children under 18 don’t attend school in Accra.


We are working with over 800 children daily in Accra. 


We aim to:

To make a long-term positive change to the lives of the people we are working with. We believe every child deserves happiness, respect and the right to dream.

To create sustainable projects based on the needs of our community. By working closely with the community, we can work together to create simple and low cost solutions through our projects.

To be transparent with how we run our projects and the use of our funding to create better understanding and trust

To empower local people to create their own futures.

We love what we do, work hard and give our volunteers the best experience possible