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Horizon Essential Oils

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Organization Details

In Kenya deforestation is caused mostly by poor people who cut down trees for firewood and income. Little do they know that these same trees produce nuts and leaves that can be turned into essential oil. People are surprised to find out they can make an income without cutting down the trees. We established a factory in Naro Moru, Kenya to process the forest products into essential oil for domestic and international sale.

Impact Story

Trees are typically taken from forests and not replanted leading to unsustainable harvesting practices. Forest cover in Kenya has declined to 5% from 10% since its independence in 1964 and continues to lose 0.6% of it’s forest annually. (Source:


The rural poor are unaware that trees can be more valuable alive than dead. Not only do forests provide environmental benefits as listed about, but forests around Mt Kenya can produce Essential Oils. Essential oils can be pressed from the nuts of the marula and baobab trees and distilled from wild basil. Conserving trees and harvesting forest products such as nuts and leaves provides both a source of income and longer-term intangible benefits such as erosion prevention, moderation of extreme events, freshwater supply, climate regulation and regulation of water flow.