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Simprints’ mission is to transform the way the world fights poverty. We build technology to radically increase transparency and effectiveness in global development, making sure that every vaccine, every dollar, every public good reaches the people who need them most.

Impact Story

Without reliable biometric digital ID, programs often use names, DoBs, or program-issued ID cards. However names and dates of birth often overlap, for example one study found that over 60% of males in a few geographies are called some version of the same name (Gelb, A. & Clark, J.2013). Similarly program-issued ID cards like QR codes are frequently lost or damaged, for example research in Chad found that 59% of mothers lost their infant’s vaccination cards within 2 years (Weibel et al2008). 

In contrast, biometric digital can reliably link patients to a consistent health record for vaccines and other key interventions in humanitarian development. To date, Simprints has reached over 1.8M beneficiaries in over 16 countries, from mountainous and remote regions in Nepal to crowded slums in Kenya.

Diverse Social Enterprise

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