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Bharathamatha Foundation has been helping the poor and marginalized communities have access to financial, technical and institutional support in order to improve and strengthen their livelihood opportunities. Bharathamatha Family Welfare Foundation presently works with 21 private and public development aid agencies to reach out to 92,000 households in Thiruvarur, Nagapattinam, and Thanjavur Districts of Tamil Nadu, further Bharathamatha works for the welfare of the children, women and marginalized communities in 870 villages. Bharathamatha Family Welfare Foundation was at the forefront in helping the families affected by Tsunami (24th December 2004) by providing relief materials to the badly affected people besides coordinating with and supporting various relief agencies to deliver their services to numerous coastal communities. Bharathamatha provided relief services to 8,000 households in 21 Tsunami affected villages.

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COVID-19 Relief
COVID-19 pandemic is sweeping the world off its feet and it is a crisis like no other the world has faced in recent times in terms of its potential impacts on the livelihood of the poor. We are working on COVID-19 relief every single day since the lockdown started impacting the lives of the poor. We identify the most neglected segments of society and reach out to their doorsteps to provide relief materials. We regularly provide Food packets to the Homeless person in our region. We also go out to the families headed by Persons with Disability and we know them that they are fighting against hunger alone. We join with them in their fight against hunger and help them by providing monthly Dry Ration (Grocery) on a regular basis. We also supply PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) to the poverty-stricken villagers who don’t have money to buy Masks and sanitizers.

We know our fight against COVID-19 will continue many months to come and our journey is going to get tougher every single day, however, we are committed to continuing our support to those underprivileged citizens in our society.