Based in Kenya

Kambe-Ribe Lamukani Youth Forum

A Non-profit

How This Works

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Organization Details

The youth were faced with many challenges, yet they were equally not as involved in the solutions. Because of these two reasons, we decided to found and register as a CBO to provide a youth-friendly environment that engages the youth in addressing the issues that affect them and society.  Some of these issues include; insecurity, economic exclusion, teenage pregnancy, and human rights violations. Therefore, we engage through pillars of advocacy, active citizenship, awareness programs, and training to ensure that the youth are fully involved in the process and be more informed of matters that affect them

Impact Story

Our primary goal is to empower the teenager (Age 10 – 17) and Youth (Age 18 – 34) to identify and solve the community's issues, especially themselves. Through education, training, social engagement, and open forums, we engage the youth and, above all, train them in the various ways in which they can create employment and opportunities as well as participate in matters of governance and also support community initiatives. We partner with the local government to support some of the projects initiated by the youth and several NGOs. They have equally been supportive of youth initiatives in the region.

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Ethnic & Racial Minority
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