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Center For Tomorrow Ltd

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Organization Details

Center For Tomorrow Ltd by Guarantee is a charity organisation and social enterprise that works with girls, women and youth in the areas of hygiene and sanitation (emphasis on menstrual hygiene management), education (child sponsorship, career guidance and counselling and promotion of reading culture in primary schools) and skills development (free training to individuals in making sandals and shaggy mats). We work in vulnerable communities to empower and transform lives.

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Impact Story

Our Vision is a world where people are treated equal and empowered to have a self-sufficient life and create opportunities for others. We believe that if children are given the necessary skillset at an early age, it gives them a competitive advantage in life. That is why most of our activities are implemented at primary school level. Every child needs to have a good quality education but children from vulnerable communities do not have this opportunity. As Center For Tomorrow, we identified activities that we can implement in primary schools that are located vulnerable communities to empower and transform lives of the children and entire community.

Center For Tomorrow promotes a reading culture in schools by creating book clubs, working with the head teachers to create a time slot for the reading session and we provide the reading materials through our mobile library. We are so far working in ten primary schools. To ensure that girls equally study and do not drop out or miss some school days; we address menstrual hygiene. We carry out menstrual hygiene trainings and also fundraise for reusable sanitary pads to give to the primary school girls. We have so far reached over 1,000 girls with menstrual hygiene training and 400 girls received reusable pads. This ensured that 400 girls will not miss school for a year due to lack of sanitary pads. Center For Tomorrow has mainly worked with single mothers that are struggling with school fees and skilled them on how to make sandals and shaggy mats. This skill has enabled the women to create an additional source of income to be able to pay school fees for their children. We have so far skilled 20 women and youths. We also a sponsorship program for lower primary for girls who are doing excellently in class. We have 4 girls that are sponsored at the moment. Finally, Career Guidance and Counselling will be rolled out in 2020 school year.