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Kibera Vision Achievers

A Non-profit

Organization Details

Kibera Vision Achievers was formed on April 6th 2012, later registered on December 19th 2013 and it started as films and theatre group consisting of youths who used theatre presentations as a way of enhancing peace and unity in the slum community. This continued for some time until early 2015 when the members decided to change course, so as to reach more lives in a bigger scope. Kibera Vision Achievers got interested in working with the less fortunate in the society, more so the orphaned children in the slum communities of Kibera, Mathare, Huruma and other big slums in Kenya.This would serve the children as an alternative to violence, robbery and drug abuse for them to take on the challenges they face and also be able to earn a living.

Since the year 2015, we have been training and showcasing the talents of children in orphanages in different platforms through different events that we organize with the help of other organizations that we partner with.

KVAG have now 3 Branches 

Impact Story



Kenya Children Homes Talents Show was first organized on 19th December 2015 at KIBRA Academy, Kibra constituency Nairobi County. It was a musical talent which was attended by 8 Children homes from Nairobi County. The KCHTS was funded by Fatuma Voices, Hare Krishna (Food for Life), Kibera Vision Achievers and well-wishers.for 3 Times this Events has took place. Then all Kids were provided with lunch and Clothes. The wining children homes were provided with a recording deal of 6 song which makes an album. This project idea is to create awareness humanity in different organizations toward talents and Charity.


PEASIC food fest it’s a combination of words that means PEACE AND MUSIC. This a project focuses on youth talents and using talents as tool of keeping peace in slums around the Country. We target a thousand youth audience from Slums. The project consists of live performance of varies artist also from the same locations, A peace discussion among the audience and Eating together as a family, Promoting unity among all the tribes in kibera to be one tribe.3.     TUUNGANE TUCHUNGANE-Tuugane Tuchungane it’s our most busy programe which was started 05/03/2012 , the programe its monthly visit to children home around the 3 Counties Kisumu / Mombasa and Nairobi. This is  an opportunity for people to visit children homes and see the awesome talents that are hidden in the children homes.4.     MAMITO CENTRE-MAMITO is initials in Swahili, Mama Mimi na Mtoto. This Project is meant to support Young Mothers. In Kibera 16-20 years old girls have Pregnancies and Kids but this Issue is not addressed. A big Number of Girls from Slums are dropping out of Schools. Kibera Vision Achievers Decided to Launch a Project that will address that issue by Build a Centre for Girls in the Slum which will provide High school Education for duration of maximum 3 years to do KCSE Certificate and Short entrepreneur courses.