Based in Tanzania

Ni Hekima Pekee

A Non-profit

How This Works

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Organization Details

Ni Hekima Pekee Organization (NIHEP) is a Non-Governmental organization which was legally registered in 2016 as a non-governmental organization to operate in Tanzania mainland focusing on supporting most vulnerable children to have access to quality social basic services including education, food, shelter and health service from family level. Also NIHEP working on preventing child violence by raising awareness on how the community involve on children violence protection through support groups

Impact Story

Through Education support program, Ni HekimaPekee has been working on supporting children from vulnerable families to ensure their social protection giving them opportunity to have access to social basic needs in education in Nyamagana district Mwanza region , this is done through providing scholastic materials to most vulnerable children to be able to attend pre-primary schools and primary schools,paying their tuition fee to the pupils for remedialclasses also fee for student who are attending the college from those most vulnerable families Ni HekimaPekee working with

Parent support;

The aim is for the parents and guardiansto become self-supportive and integrated in the community mapping out the need of school support and the other need in the family these include poor health, marital problems or alcohol abuse. Children in these families commonly are in high risk of running to the streets to become homeless, and that is why the parent support is a very important preventive work. The parent support involves that the parents, most of them single mothers, some grandparents, important is that the parents come up with their own ideas about how they can increase their income to become self-sufficient in Nyamagana District Mwanza region