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Gate of Hope Volunteer Services (G.H.V.S), welcomes Volunteers all over the world skilled and un-skilled to participate in projects in Ghana. Individuals, Groups, Students, Families who are self-motivated and willing to make difference in someone's live both can participate to give a hope to vulnerable. G.H.V.S offers dedicated programs across Ghana for International Volunteers with program length that can range from one week to three months.

Thank you for your consideration and acceptance.

Yours Sincerely,

Mr. Newton Agbley

Executive Director

Gate of Hope Foundation

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Achimota Accra,

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Impact Story

Teaching Project in Ghana

•  Volunteer work at local primary schools to help the disadvantaged children gain significant knowledge and learn new academic skills.

•  Help out local trainers/teachers with conducting classes in English language and Grammer skills, Mathematics, General

Science, Computer Studies

2.   Healthcare Project in Ghana

Our healthcare project is best suited for those with an interest or background in medicine. Our healthcare placements offer an exceptional learning opportunity, in addition to a gratifying volunteer experience. These placements offer an international learning ground where you can not only view healthcare in practice but effects of volunteering in Ghana health facility. Volunteers in the Healthcare program in Ghana work along with doctors, nurses and local staff in hospitals. Medical and Nursing students assist the local doctors and nursing staff in daily tasks. Exact Volunteer tasks are determined depending on the volunteer’s qualifications, experience, and knowledge.

3.   Community Development Project in Ghana



Under the Community Development Volunteer program in Ghana, volunteers have the option to work for several different projects in the local communities. Volunteer responsibilities include working in schools, contributing to renovation work, taking part in health awareness programs, water hygiene efforts amongst others.

We are always in the lookout for Volunteers who have passion for development and willing to contribute their time, skills and experience to support our community development efforts. Most participants see this as an adventure or a Work Camp. Volunteers are needed for the on-going construction, painting and building projects in various communities of Ghana.