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Media Matters for Women

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Media Matters for Women equips the hardest-to-reach women and girls in Sierra Leone with the knowledge and skills they need to create the social change they seek.

Impact Story

Eighty-seven percent of the world can simply flip a switch to instantly hear news and information, but for 58% of the population in Sierra Leone, there is little or no access to internet, radio, or television, and news from the outside world may arrive on foot—if it arrives at all.  Trust in this information can be called into question as its content is often controlled by traditional culture and political intent.  Media Matters for Women is a female-led registered NGO that works in Sierra Leone to empower women and girls in rural communities—those beyond the reach of traditional infrastructure—to build knowledge, enable action, and improve lives. 

We use media to amplify the visibility, appeal and reach of women’s rights agendas and the role of women’s movements in advancing democracy and justice. MMW works at the intersection of health, human rights, economic independence and access to information. By bringing trusted information to rural communities, we learn their needs and partner with organizations to bring critical services to vulnerable populations.  Our staff of 82 trained activists in Sierra Leone work to further our vision of a world where rural women and girls are in control of their rights and possess the tools to make informed decisions about their own well-being.

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