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Naturally Divine offers Amazonian superfoods, nutritional treasures which connect the consumer with the ancient wisdom of the Peruvian jungle. Naturally Divine is committed to bring these treasures to the world with a positive message for change contributing to the regeneration and revaluation of the Amazon and continued improvement of the quality of life of its women and their families.

In the Peruvian Amazon, high indices of deforestation (43% avg. in region of San Martin, Peru) and rural poverty (40% avg. in the Peruvian Amazon) exist, which put under pressure the biodiversity and native forest of the area.

Generate alternative income from natural resources and improve the quality of life of rural Amazonian women and their families by creating employment opportunities for women and buying raw materials at above market prices.

Implement agroforestry practices showcasing innovative agricultural practices promoting reforestation and the revaluation of the Amazonian biodiversity

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Impact Story

In the Peruvian Amazon there are limited income generating opportunities, making these areas prone to unsustainable activities such as mono-crop agriculture, illegal mining and logging . Therefore, there are high indices of deforestation and rural poverty, both of which put under increasing pressure the biodiversity and the native forest of the area. Deforestation in the Amazonian region of San Martin, Peru is 43% avg. Rural poverty in the Peruvian Amazon is 40%. Regarding the Amazonian biodiversity, the Amazon harbors 10% of all species on earth.

Naturally Divine´s (ND) Theory of Change exists out of two interlaced components: a social and an environmental one. Through the development, production and commercialization of natural Amazonian health & beauty products, ND seeks to empower rural communities in the Peruvian Amazon by finding markets for products made from Amazonian resources. Buying raw materials at fair prices ND increases the income generating activities in these communities contributing to the overall quality of life. Additionally, ND is implementing a 4.3Hec pilot farm based on regenerative agricultural practices, promoting biodiversity rehabilitation and reforestation in the Peruvian Amazon. In a latter phase this farming model will be shared with the associated communities in the Amazonian region of San Martin as an alternative, sustainable and financially lucrative, agricultural model.