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Not Just Pets

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Organization Details

Non-profit with a mission to help those that can't help themselves. At Not Just Pets, we raise funds to support individuals and animal welfare organizations in reimbursing the extensive costs of veterinary care for any animal, anytime, for any reason.

Impact Story

We exist to help support families and organizations with animals during tough times in their lives. We understand that sometimes life can be unpredictable, and with that unpredictability the first ones to suffer are our pets. You should not have to make the choice between having to save your pets life or to say goodbye, they are part of our family and deserve to be treated as such. That's where we come in, we reimburse veterinary fees during these hard times so that you don't have to worry about making that hard choice! Not only that, but we also believe that preventative care is just as important. This ensures your pets can avoid a more serious procedures that can be missed due to the rising cost of annual checkups, vaccinations and dental work! No matter the age, the animal, the issue or whether or not it was a preexisting issue, we want to help!

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