Based in Mexico

Someone Somewhere

A For-profit with social mission

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Organization Details

Someone Somewhere is a casual outdoors brand on a mission to lift millions of artisans out poverty. We design and manufacture apparel & gear that combines tradtional handcrafts with contemporary designs and materials, targeting socially conscious adventurers. We then use a direct to consumer model to reach them, based on an online store and reinforced with physical shops where people can immerse in the world of Someone Somewhere. This approach is allowing us to provide employment opportunities to hundreds of artisans in the poorest states of Mexico, and increase their monthly income by more than 300%.


Support Needs

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Impact Story

Artisans that work with us earn at least 300% more than in their second best alternative. 95% of them are women, and 90% of their income is used in their families health, nuetrition, education and wellbeing.

We currently work with more than 200 artisans from the poorest states in Mexico. We have more than 3,000 prepared to join us.

We have so much data about artisan communities, that we are starting to infuence public policies that affect them. Our first project is a new fiscal law that will allow them to enter the formal economy without paying taxes.