Based in Barbados

Work Consultancy Inc.

A For-profit with social mission

Organization Details

Driven by high levels of underemployment and workplace dissatisfaction, Ms. Britney Sealy launched Work Consultancy Inc. in November 2019. The company then rebranded in 2021 to become a digital ecosystem which contributes to the professional, corporate and social evolution of developing countries in the most human-centric, innovative and sustainable ways. Under professional development, the company helps citizens of developing countries to secure purposeful careers through its comprehensive job seeker packages. Under corporate development, Work Consultancy helps leaders develop their staff to increase company profits. And, under social development, Work Consultancy participates in innovative social projects to help advance countries.

Impact Story

Work Consultancy Inc. has the vision to see the people of developing countries thrive through the sustainable evolution of their professional, corporate and social sectors. We've started this work by helping a number of Barbadians secure purposeful careers - To date, seventy per cent of clients receive interviews during their time with us! Work Consultancy has also partnered with Barbadian businesses, NGOs and community groups to offer personal and professional development webinars to its clients and beneficiaries. To date, over 500 Barbadians have attended these sessions. Since 2020, we've equipped approximately 20 college and university students with the skills to become high-quality professionals through our regional Professional Development Internship (now rebranded as a Professional Development Programme). And, in 2022, we seeded secondary school students in Barbados with knowledge of burgeoning careers in the areas of fintech, aquaponics, social entrepreneurship and more (check out

We intend to continue our efforts through the creation of a virtual student development network, entitled 'Thrive' which we hope to launch in September 2022. This network will directly provide the personal and professional resources needed to support secondary school students, currently, while equipping them to conquer their future.