Based in Swaziland

Black Mamba

A For-profit

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Organization Details

Black Mamba is a fair trade brand based in the African Kingdom of Swaziland that brings to the world sustainable, freshly made chilli products that taste good, look good and do good.

We believe passionately in sustainable farming and we source our fresh ingredients locally from small growers (mostly women) through our partnership with Guba (www. Guba trains them in organic farming and permaculture and Black Mamba buys their produce: we get fresh, organic ingredients and they get a fair income (that’s what we call a HOT deal!). We love working with these amazing farmers; they inspire us to keep growing bigger and better, so we can touch more lives while helping to preserve this wonderful planet for the next generation.

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Impact Story

Black Mamba started working with small growers, mostly women, in 2011, in one of the poorest regions of the country. At present, we work with an average of 65 growers. Most of them are in average 50 years old, which makes it difficult to get a job. They have in average 5 dependants, which means that Black Mamba is actually having a positive impact on more than 300 individuals in Swaziland.

Testimonials from some of the women growers are shown below:

“Since we started working with Black Mamba there has been a lot of change. Now we are able to buy candles, washing soap, mealie meal. I am happy because I have learnt to grow vegetables without using expensive chemicals and now I work with other women” – Mrs Sidudla Ndlovu, widow, stays at home with 4 children and 6 grandchildren.

“Since we started working with Black Mamba there has been a big change. Now I can network and meet other people that I didn’t know before and share ideas. Black Mamba has also trained me as a peer educator and I can offer support to the other women and they are not afraid to talk anymore” – Ntombikayise Ndlovu, stays at home with 3 children and 3 grandchildren and is also the peer educator for her cooperative.