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WindAid Institute

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Organization Details

WindAid Institute is an educational institute whose projects provide electricity to developing communities using wind energy, providing clean and reliable electricity to locations where traditional electricity is not available. Students and professionals come from all over the world to work together designing, building, and installing these wind generators.

Mission: "Educational experiences empowering people to create a sustainable world"

Vision: "A global community living sustainability"

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Impact Story

The inspiration for WindAid Institute came from hearing about a school in the Andes that had no electricity.  We took that as an invitation to design and build a wind turbine that could be simple, robust, and dependable for rural locations.  That wind turbine has since been providing electricity to Escuela Democratica in the community of Paranshique, providing those students with clean electricity, replacing the kerosene lamps and candles that they had been using.  Though the town has recently been connected to the national electricity grid, the school was so happy with the wind turbine, and proud of using a clean form of electricity, that they chose to not be connected, and continue to work 100% on wind power!