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Onko Solutions is committed to the development of accurate and innovative solutions that contribute to the detection, prevention and treatment of cervical cancer in underserved communities.

We aim to transform lives by providing reliable solutions for the detection and treatment of cervical cancer that offer immediate results and are affordable for everyone.

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Impact Story

Every year, more than 270,000 women die from cervical cancer, one every two minutes. It is the second most common cancer in women with an estimated 530,000 new cases each year.

Mortality related to cervical cancer is rare among women who get screened regularly. However, only 40 to 50% of women in developed countries get screened every year, while in underdeveloped countries that number drops to an alarming 5%. There is an urgent need for accessible, cost-effective, accurate and non-invasive solutions that significantly reduce the fatalities attributed to cervical cancer. Such solutions are especially urgent in developing countries that lack the resources and equipment to perform cytodiagnosis.

We have developed InstaPAP®, a portable device for cervical cancer screening that unlike Pap smears, HPV tests, or biopsies, does not require laboratory analysis or a tissue sample. InstaPAP® is designed to provide non-invasive screening with instantaneous results, eliminating costly, painful and unnecessary lab work. Its portability allows our device to be used in remote communities and unusual environments.