Based in Mexico

Básicos de México

A For-profit with social mission

Organization Details

BSCSMX is born out of a genuine concern about how the clothes that we use today are produced. We guarantee quality fabricsl made in Mexico under a model of fair manufacturing. We chose to associate with small cooperatives to guarantee that all of those involved in the process are treated with dignity, paid fairly and valued for their work.  At BSCSMX we design basic and timeless garments that complete your wardrobe, making it more versatile and easier to use. We are more than just another clothes brand. We consider ourselves a local initiative that strives to make a difference. 

Impact Story

The aim of our production model is that all the material resources and labour will be made in Mexico and that the people that produce our clothes will be paid fairly. We have also thought in the reuse and recycling possibilities of our garments and their disposal once their life span/useful lifetime has come to an end.

We believe in the positive impact of responsible consumption. You decide what you do with your money and it is not necessary to change your lifestyle to make a difference. Consume brands that are transparent about the origin of their products.

We also colaborate with differents NGOS, brands and projects with social focus to design campaings where we can design specific products where a porcentage of the sales will be donated to that organization.