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Organization Details

Creci offers a fintech platform that mobilizes funds from social impact investors to lend to small businesses that are pursuing at least one of the SDGs. They 1) underwrite and lend to MSMEs, 2) provide them with an easy-to-use online tool that allows them to report the impact they generate; and 3) in the near future, will allow investors to purchase fixed-return bonds on their website, the proceeds of which will be used to lend to the MSMEs. Creci assesses MSME capacity and willingness to repay through their own financial and behavioral modeling; captures and profile impact data; and provides impact and return reports to investors.

Impact Story

Creci empowers entrepreneurs working to solve the world’s most pressing problems and allows investors to earn a fixed-return while seeing the impact their investment generates.

Creci is solving for the disconnect between social impact investors and the credit gap faced by MSMEs that are pursuing social impact goals. The company defines social impact as any activity that furthers at least one of the SDGs. They believe the reasons for the disconnect are 1) that impact investors do not have easy-to-use channels to financially support social impact MSMEs, and 2) that social impact MSMEs are not able to easily report their impact back to investors, who want to see this information when they invest for impact and return. Creci believes that future economic growth must be inclusive and sustainable.